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Learn to smash drums rhythmically in a group! Great fun awaits with us

Tea Club

To learn about, and share with all, the wonders of tea. We often drink oolong tea and pu'erh tea from China and Taiwan and green tea from Japan. Occasionally we add variety with teas from Sri Lanka, South Korea, India, Kenya, and more!

TEDx Bowdoin

Whereas the TED organization is a nonprofit whose aim is to spread ideas around the globe through short, powerful talk, TEDx Bowdoin is an independently chartered organization that shares local community ideas with the world.

The Bowdoin College Longfellows (The Longfellows)

The Bowdoin College Longfellows are one of two all-male a cappella groups on campus.

The Bowdoin College Meddiebempsters (The Meddies)

Bowdoin's oldest all-male a cappella group

The Bowdoin Globalist (The Globalist)

We publish student articles about the world outside Bowdoin.

The Bowdoin Harpoon (The Harpoon)

The Bowdoin Harpoon is a student-run satire magazine founded in 2016 by Hugo Hentof, Jack Arnholz, and Ethan Bevington. The magazine is dedicated to being a comedy outlet for the Bowdoin community.

The Bowdoin Orient (The Orient)

The Orient is Bowdoin's student-run weekly newspaper.

The Commons

At the Commons we hope to explore themes relating to life on campus related to audio journalism and storytelling. We aim to teach students how to create audio stories through collaborative education on editing and producing audio.

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