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A Cappella Council

Preside over a cappella groups

Anokha-South Asian Association (Anokha)

Anokha aims to share South Asian culture with the Bowdoin campus through dance and programming.

Arabesque (Ballet)

Arabesque is Bowdoin's classical ballet group.

Bear Tones

Bowdoin's newest a cappella group. We provide an inclusive space for students to participate in a cappella.

Beyond the Proscenium (BTP)

BTP is a theatre club that puts on plays, musicals and readings.


Bowdoin's Oldest Co-Ed A Capella Group

Bowdoin Music Collective (BMC)

The BMC is dedicated to promoting student music events on campus.

Bowdoin Sketch Comedy (BSC)

Bowdoin's only sketch comedy club!

Broken: Bowdoin Breakdancing (Broken)

To breakdance, to have a lot of fun, to let your body moves with music

Curtain Callers (CCallers)

We perform musicals.

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