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MacMillan House (Mac)

MacMillan House

MAHS Mentoring

McKeen BVC

MAMS Mentoring

McKeen BVC

Masque & Gown

Bowdoin's oldest student-run theater organization.

MCHPP Volunteers

McKeen BVC

Men's Club Lacrosse (Mens Club Lax)

Club Lacrosse allows all students to play lacrosse

Men's Ultimate Frisbee (Men's Ultimate)

Men's Ultimate welcomes anyone who wants to throw a disc.

Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble (Belly Dance)

Belly dance creates a space in which students can learn a cultural dance form and explore their own interpretation of the dance form through their bodies. The aesthetics of belly dance encourage openness and an appreciation of one’s body.


Bowdoin's original all-women's a cappella group.

Mock Trial

We compete in mock trial tournaments against other colleges around the country.

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