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MacMillan House (Mac)

MacMillan House

MAHS Mentoring

McKeen BVC

MAMS Mentoring

McKeen BVC

Masque & Gown

Bowdoin's oldest student-run theater organization.

MCHPP Volunteers

McKeen BVC

Men's Ultimate Frisbee (Men's Ultimate)

Men's Ultimate welcomes anyone who wants to throw a disc.


Bowdoin's original all-women's a cappella group.

Mock Trial

We compete in mock trial tournaments against other colleges around the country.

Model UN (MUN)

We strive to make students see the importance of being cosmopolitan individuals. We want to open their minds, through research and debate: students will support country’s views on a topic that might not coincide with their own opinion on the same. We also

Multicultural Coalition

Multicultural Coalition is the collective of student organizations affiliated with the Student Center for Multicultural Life. The Coalition meets regularly to discuss programming, calendaring and general organization and community concerns.

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