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Bowdoin Climate Action (BCA)

We fight for climate justice by campaigning for fossil fuel divestment

Bowdoin Food Co-op (Food Co-op)

Food Co-op is a place for students to cook and share meals and memories every week.

Bowdoin Organic Garden (BOG)

A club dedicated to teaching students about local and organic farming

Bowdoin Outing Club (BOC)

We do fun activities outside and develop leadership

Bowdoin Student Scientists

The goal of our organization is to make and maintain a website that will make the scientific research process more accessible to the public from the student-researcher perspective.

Coalition for Expanding the Reach of Earth Science (CERES)

Sharing knowledge and spreading enthusiasm for Earth Science

Green Bowdoin

GB helps increase student awareness of environmental issues on campus. We aim to encourage sustainable practices and eco-friendly choices.

Plant-Powered Polar Bears (PPP)

A club designed to inform people about sustainable eating.

Yellow Bike Club (ybc)

Rentals and repairs to get Bowdoin students Biking!