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Africa Alliance (Afri Alli)

Come learn about the African continent and all its cultures.

African-American Society (AFAM)

A community devoted to exploring issues of Black/African identity.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

Community, discussion, and unity for Asian identities at Bowdoin

Bowdoin Art Society (BAS)

The Bowdoin Art Society spearheads student engagement with the arts at Bowdoin and beyond.

Bowdoin Culinary Club (BCC)

The Culinary Club's goal is to give members the opportunity to explore in the kitchen - learn culinary techniques, explore world cuisines, and have fun. Members will use food as exposure to new cultures and for the enrichment of cultural ideas.

Bowdoin Queer-Straight Alliance (BQSA)

Organization for LGBTQIA students and allies

Bowdoin Russian Club

Bowdoin Russian Club aims to provide a space for students of all backgrounds to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of Russian culture, as well as forge social connections between students and faculty with Russian interests.

Bowdoin Women's Association (BWA)

The BWA is a monthly discussion group for women.

Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLCC)

To engage the College and the Brunswick community with Chinese language and culture.

Circolo Italiano

The Purpose of Circolo Italiano is a generate programming about Italian culture on Bowdoin's campus. Bowdoin has a fabulous Italian department which is full of caring, interesting professors and passionate students.

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