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African-American Society (AFAM)

A community devoted to exploring issues of Black/African identity.

Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP)

ASAP is an organization that aims to support and empower survivors of sexual assault. ASAP strives to foster healthy relationships on campus by encouraging clear communication and sexual respect through campus-wide programming.

Asexual and Aromantic Community for Education (A*CE)

A*CE creates safe spaces for asexual and aromantic students.

Bear in Mind

Bear in Mind is a mental health club dedicated to lowering stigma

Bears Against Cancer

Bears Against Cancer

Bowdoin Advocates for Human Rights (BAHR)

BAHR raises awareness about human rights abuses worldwide.

Bowdoin Art Society (BAS)

The Bowdoin Art Society spearheads student engagement with the arts at Bowdoin and beyond.

Bowdoin Climate Action (BCA)

We fight for climate justice by campaigning for fossil fuel divestment

Bowdoin College Republicans (BCR)

A Republican advocacy group at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin Democrats (Bowdoin Dems)

A group of politically minded, activist students on campus.

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