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Bowdoin Art Society (BAS)

The Bowdoin Art Society spearheads student engagement with the arts at Bowdoin and beyond.

Bowdoin College Finance Society (Finance Society)

We aim to prepare students for a career in finance.

Bowdoin Consulting Group (Consulting Group)

We are a pre-professional, student-run, on-campus consulting club.

Bowdoin Financial Literacy Club (BFLC)

The club's goal is to educate students about personal finance.

Bowdoin Women in Business (BWIB)

BWIB seeks to inspire and empower aspiring young women.

Bowdoin Women in Computer Science (BWICS)

A support network for people who identify as women and trans* in CS.

Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLCC)

To engage the College and the Brunswick community with Chinese language and culture.

Coalition for Expanding the Reach of Earth Science (CERES)

Sharing knowledge and spreading enthusiasm for Earth Science

Eisenhower Forum

We are a conservative political discussion group.

Mock Trial

We compete in mock trial tournaments against other colleges around the country.

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