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Bowdoin Community Gospel Choir (Gospel Choir)

We invite anyone who likes to sing to join our choir!

Bowdoin Consulting Group (Consulting Group)

We are a pre-professional, student-run, on-campus consulting club.

Bowdoin Craft Center (Craft Center)

Provides 24/7 access to the craft barn, art materials, and a variety of art classes

Bowdoin Culinary Club (BCC)

The Culinary Club's goal is to give members the opportunity to explore in the kitchen - learn culinary techniques, explore world cuisines, and have fun. Members will use food as exposure to new cultures and for the enrichment of cultural ideas.

Bowdoin Cycling Club (Cycling Club)

The Cycling Club promotes cycling at all levels. We organize weekly group rides and race with the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) in the spring.

Bowdoin Democrats (Bowdoin Dems)

A group of politically minded, activist students on campus.

Bowdoin eBoard

We help organize some of the biggest events on campus such as IVIES.

Bowdoin Film Society (BFS)

BFS screens films weekly and helps students create their own movies

Bowdoin Financial Literacy Club (BFLC)

The club's goal is to educate students about personal finance.

Bowdoin Food Co-op (Food Co-op)

Food Co-op is a place for students to cook and share meals and memories every week.