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Bowdoin Financial Literacy Club (BFLC)

The club's goal is to educate students about personal finance.

Bowdoin Food Co-op (Food Co-op)

Food Co-op is a place for students to cook and share meals and memories every week.

Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence (BMASV)

BMASV discusses a man's role in preventing sexual violence.

Bowdoin Men's Rugby (Men's Rugby)

We are a bunch of gentlemen playing a hooligan's sport.

Bowdoin Men's Water Polo (Men's Water Polo)

We play water polo and compete in tournaments.

Bowdoin Music Collective (BMC)

The BMC is dedicated to promoting student music events on campus.

Bowdoin Organic Garden (BOG)

A club dedicated to teaching students about local and organic farming

Bowdoin Outing Club (BOC)

We do fun activities outside and develop leadership

Bowdoin Public Health Club (BPHC)

this will be superb!