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Bowdoin Art Society (BAS)

The Bowdoin Art Society spearheads student engagement with the arts at Bowdoin and beyond.

Bowdoin Baking Club (Baking Club)

The Baking Club is for anyone to bake, learn, and eat, and have fun.

Bowdoin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Bowdoin BJJ)

A group of students passionate about learning, promoting, and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Bowdoin Chess Club (Chess Club)

Bringing together players of all levels to enjoy and play the game.

Bowdoin Climate Action (BCA)

We fight for climate justice by campaigning for fossil fuel divestment

Bowdoin Club Alpine Ski Team (Bowdoin Club Skiing)

Bowdoin Club Alpine Skiing lets students ski race.

Bowdoin Club Tennis (Club Tennis)

Club Tennis provides students with opportunities to play tennis.

Bowdoin Club Volleyball (Club Volleyball)

We hold practice 2-3 times/week and compete against other club teams in New England! As a co-ed club we hold casual co-ed tournaments with Colby and Bates, and the men's team competes in the intercollegiate men's volleyball league.

Bowdoin College Curling (Curling Club)

Bowdoin Curling is a nationally ranked curling team formed in 2010